DENMAN Instrumentation Ltd will keep itself informed of all legislation, regulations and Codes of Practice on environmental matters that are relevant to its operations; make best endeavours to ensure that its personnel are aware of and adequately instructed in the requirements of this legislation etc and take all other reasonable actions to ensure compliance with the Environmental Act 1990.

Whilst the project is in progress, DENMAN Instrumentation Ltd will take all reasonable precautions, that are consistent with its clients instructions, against environmental damage, disruptions or nuisance on or adjoining sites. It will at all times endeavour to keep its sites clean and tidy, and also any adjoining areas that may be affected by traffic to and from those sites, and to avoid pollution of the air, ground or water by noise, fumes, dust or the disposal of materials.

DENMAN Instrumentation Ltd will, wherever viable and consistent with its clients instructions, use materials and products from sustainable sources and that are re-useable or can be re-cycled.

DENMAN Instrumentation Ltd will make every effort to conserve the use of materials and of energy and, where viable and consistent with its clients instructions, collect waste materials for re-cycling.

DENMAN Instrumentation Ltd will appoint a Director/senior manager to supervise the implementation and further development of its environmental policy.

DENMAN Instrumentation Ltd will prepare instructions for the implementation of its environmental policy on individual sites, and will for each nominate a competent person to supervise compliance with these instructions.

Any environmental problems encountered in carrying out the works according to the clients instructions will be brought to the attention of the client, and of any competent authority, with a view to finding a satisfactory solution.