Claus C

1,304 MW Natural Gas Fired Power Plant

Our involvement started in 2010 as part of the commissioning team working alongside Alstom Power, Switzerland.

The project had many obstacles to overcome as it was not a standard configuration being 3 GT 26 units with 3 boilers  into 1 large steam unit. But these were finally mastered to provide the client with a state of the art and efficient (58.5%) power plant.

Our work on the project involved calibrations, fault finding and optimization of plant operations, working closely with both Alstom and the client, Essent Power (RWE).

The team’s knowledge and expertise was acknowledged when the client asked us to help them in the transition period from Alstom power.   All this information on the plant led us to develop a database for our teams to use. Giving us fast access to detailed and accurate information on the plants instrumentation infrastructure.  When this was noticed by the client they asked for it to be further developed for their use which was duly completed.

“Thank you for all the work and support over the last years at the Claus-C project in the Netherlands.

Team Denman delivered good quality work and the personnel involved were the key which led to its success…a satisfied customer.”

Jacques Cox, I&C Lead Engineer for Essent



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