Drax Power Biomass

We have worked on biomass project since 2013 including Drax and Lynemouth.

We have been involved in the Drax biomass starting with the construction phase then commissioning of the dust and conveying systems and helping with operations prior to handover, once handed over we have help the client with the transition period then maintenance and operation.  Finally we have been heavily involved in optimising the plant making it safer and more efficient as well as plant investigations.

This in depth involvement has given us massive amount of knowledge and data on the day to day running of the plant.  This has led to drax asking us to develop a tool to help the maintenance teams with their duties.

The Drax user interface is an online database with access to drawings, ranges, alarms and much more all available when and wherever they are.  This has been up and running for over a year now and has proved itself to be very useful and helping the maintenance teams on getting the plant back again in a shorter time as possible.

All the above has all led to us entering into a framework agreement with Drax power to provide continued and ongoing services.