For the last 6 years we have worked on the Drax biomass project, from installation, cold & Hot commissioning and then maintenance.  

We have now entered into a framework agreement with Drax power to provide support and consultation to help in the resolving of plant issues.

Denman have over the years gained a very detailed knowledge of the this biomass plant from individual instruments, process, control philosophy through to the control systems.  This knowledge has led to Denman being invited to be part of an investigation team to find and help resolve issues with the biomass process.

As part of the Biomass investigation team our aim is to look at the site as a whole and try to improve the control and operation of the process.  This involves testing all Trip and shutdown sequences and looking for improvements that can be made to ensure efficient and safe running of the plant.

Due to our experience with biomass we have also been asked to help with commissioning on the Lynemouth biomass conversion; providing a team to commission the Clyde Bergemann pellet transfer system.  This year long project has again enhanced our knowledge and experience with the handling of biomass.


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