Instrument Commissioning

As part of our commissioning services we provide the following: Cold Commissioning, Hot Commissioning, Loop Check, Function Check, Calibrations, Fault Finding, Commissioning Procedures & Startup.  We provide every part of your commissioning team from managers to technicians. Our role is to ensure the commissioning process is performed smoothly and efficiently and in a manner that will deliver the plant in a safe and timely period.

Our teams have many years of experience on all types of plant, processes and instrumentation ranging over many countries.  

We have worked on many of the world’s largest power stations and have provided skilled teams to ensure projects run as smoothly as possible. Clients such as Alstom, Essent Power, Drax Power and many more have enlisted the services of Denman to assist with the commissioning phase of power projects.

Having worked on a number of projects both in the UK and across the globe, we are not fixed to one particular industry, having provided project commissioning services in the sectors of CCPP, Biomass, Energy from Waste and Water Treatment plants.

If you’re looking for a professional, high skilled project commissioning team to assist with your power project, please get in touch today.

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